‘1923’: Helen Mirren Remembers Calling Kelly Reilly a ‘Star’ When They Worked Together Decades Ago

Helen Mirren is one of the latest actors to join the Taylor Sheridan universe for the Yellowstone prequel 1923

Mirren portrays Clara Dutton, a distant relative of Kelly Reilly’s Yellowstone character Beth

Reilly and Mirren did film a TV series together at the very beginning of Reilly's acting career, even though they won't be working on the same Sheridan-verse project.

Helen Mirren and Kelly Reilly worked together on the set of ‘Prime Suspects’

Kelly Reilly is a British actor with decades of experience

In season four of the TV series Prime Suspects, she played Polly Henry for two episodes, which was one of her earlier appearances.

At the time, Reilly, who is now 45, was just a teenager. Reilly was a little star-struck because Mirren played DCI Jane Tennison in Prime Suspects.

very first TV job with called Prime Suspect when I was 16 years old,” Reilly said told Entertainment Tonight at the Paramount 2022 upfronts

She was the first professional actor I worked with. She was incredible, she was fierce and brilliant and everything I wanted to be as an actor