Adele announces her music video launch ‘I Drink Wine’, Beyonce shines in corset gown at Gala night

Adele and Beyonce get their fans hooked and glued once again with their exclusive Instagram posts

Adele and Beyonce, two of the biggest pop singers in Hollywood, have now hooked us onto their Instagram accounts.

We won't cease adoring their incredible, exclusive downline moments.

Adele revealed a sneak peek from her upcoming I Drink Wine music video, while Beyonce shared a sweet moment with her hubby.

Adele presents a scene from her most recent music video, "I drink Wine," in which she submerges herself in a river and floats around while being applauded by onlookers.

Adele officially announces the music video's premiere while sharing the images, writing, "Had the best night last night with some of you.

Beyonce shared a set of gorgeous pictures with her husband dearest from Gala night event. The star pop singer from the town