Beanie Feldstein announces she's leaving Funny Girl even earlier than expected

As Fanny Brice in the struggling production of Funny Girl, 

Beanie Feldstein announced unexpectedly Sunday night on Instagram that she will be quitting the part on July 31.

According to Feldstein, "playing Fanny Brice on Broadway has been a longstanding ambition of mine 

and doing so for the last few months has been a great thrill and true honour

took the very painful decision to move away earlier than anticipated after the production opted to take the show in a different path

Feldstein had a one-year commitment to the play, according to a conversation EW had with the director Michael Mayer before the start of the rehearsals.

Feldstein took the brunt of the criticism after Funny Girl's April 24 premiere, since he was given the nearly impossible task.

Despite her fourth-wall winks and sparkling exuberance, it's difficult to escape the impression that Feldstein is fundamentally miscast.

Feldstein has also missed a lot of performances; just last month, after contracting COVID-19, she was forced to skip a few events. Now