‘Becoming Elizabeth’s Alicia Von Rittberg Teases A ‘Brutal’ World For The Future Queen

Becoming Elizabeth' is STARZ's latest royal drama that takes us back to Queen Elizabeth I's early years

Alicia von Rittberg spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HL about the "dark" and "dangerous" situations the future queen finds herself in

Becoming Elizabeth is the tale of Queen Elizabeth I before she wore the crown.

Alicia von Rittberg stars as Elizabeth Tudor in the new STARZ drama series

which debuts on June 12. For those that have seen the Virgin Queen onscreen previously, prepare for a totally different look at the famous imperial.

Alicia told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that she “fell in love” with Becoming Elizabeth because it’s everything

When Elizabeth’s father, King Henry VIII dies, his young son Edward becomes king for a brief period. Elizabeth and her siblings, Edward and Mary

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