Blake Lively leaves thirsty comment on husband Ryan Reynolds' dance video

It seems that everything Ryan Reynolds does gets his wife Blake Lively feeling amorous, even learning how to dance.

On Wednesday, Reynolds shared a video of himself and Will Ferrell practising a dance number for the upcoming Apple TV+ musical comedy Spirited on Instagram

Lively responded by posing the question, "Can you get pregnant when pregnant?," on Instagram. Currently expecting her fourth kid with Lively.

The actor playing Deadpool recently admitted that he sought advice on how to sing and dance for Spirited from his buddy and lifelong "nemesis," Hugh Jackman, 

who is presently marching down Broadway in The Music Man. Reynolds wasn't exactly overjoyed with the outcomes, though.

Hugh does it so effortlessly that, in a strange way, his assistance was counterproductive, Reynolds said in an interview with Big Issue.

He learned the best lesson from Jackman over a cup of coffee rather than on the dance floor. 

Reynolds said that "he reminded me of something that is so crucial with nearly anything that you're doing in the arts

Just keep in mind to have fun, he advised, because if you're having fun, then so will we.