Blue Bloods fans demand return of key character after heartbreaking storyline

Blue Blood fans saw the return of a beloved character and demanded to see more of him in future episodes.

Following a protracted sabbatical, Blue Bloods made its CBS debut with a brand-new episode centred on the Reagan family

Joe Hill (played by Will Hochman) made a comeback in the mid-season premiere, and following a heartfelt sequence with Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck), viewers clamoured for more of him.

Following the personal and professional lives of Frank, the police commissioner, and his three adult children—all of whom are employed by the police—in Blue Bloods.

Joe was first presented to viewers during season 10 as the estranged son of Frank Reagan's late son, Joseph Reagan.

While this came as a major surprise to fans, Joe's mother Paula Hill (Bonnie Somerville), who had kept him a secret, also shocked the Reagan family at his existence.

Despite this, Joe was warmly welcomed and reunited with the Reagan family during the most recent episode, Nothing Sacred.

Although Joe's storyline was heartbreaking, people were happy to see him back on film and urged that executives make him appear more frequently.