Burger King Austria’s new ‘Pride Whopper’ is causing controversy

Burger King Austria's new Pride Month campaign is either top to bottom or bottom to bottom, depending on who you ask.

Earlier this month, the company's Austrian franchise introduced a limited-time Pride Whopper, which is essentially and is quite interesting and also unique.

The idea of using “equal buns” on each Pride Whopper, according to Burger King Austria,

PRIDE WHOPPER symbolizes all possible love constellations in the same way. Because love is love.

The campaign quickly raised eyebrows across the internet, with some assuming the burger is good enough and has a unique idea.

as Mey Rude of Out magazine put it. Plenty of users on social media also appeared confused as to Burger King’s intentions

Burger King Austria responded to users who asked whether the company was donating any of its profits to LGBTQIA+ organizations

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