C. Ross Turns A Headful Of ‘Hazy Ideas’ Into A Psych-Folk Dreamscape In New ‘Skull Creator’ Album

The saying "The finest time to plant a tree was 20 years ago" is often quoted. Now is the second-best time

In order to avoid waiting any longer, singer-guitarist Chad Ross takes up the moniker C.ROSS for the album Skull Creator

which develops into a growing forest of sound and concepts.

Skull Creator is a wonderful genre-defying experience that includes parts of folk-rock, psych dreaming, and, in the case of "On Golden Pond

elements of twang that would make Duane Eddy proud. It is driven by C.ROSS's acoustic guitar and melancholic vocals.

Since the acoustic guitar has always been my first love, I've been hearing this album in my head for years, but Josh Wells (of Lightning Dust, Destroyer, Black Mountain), 

This C.ROSS persona displays yet another aspect of his constantly expanding musical repertoire