Cameron Diaz Announces She’s Coming Out of Retirement With Help From Tom Brady

Tom called Cameron unexpectedly and offered to assist her "unretire" from acting since he is somewhat familiar with the process.

Cameron Diaz will return to the big screen soon! The actress

, who previously said she had retired from acting, is brushing up on her skills after agreeing to work with Jamie Foxx in the upcoming Netflix movie Back in Action

! On Wednesday, June 29, Jamie made the revelation on social media by sharing an audio recording of a phone call he, Cameron, and Tom Brady had

! To reassure the Charlie's Angels veteran that she is prepared to return to the field, Jamie had enlisted the aid of his NFL GOAT friend.

Jamie and Cameron co-starred in the 2014 version of Annie, which also happened to be Cameron's last film appearance

Cameron revealed two years ago why she stopped performing after Annie and how it gave her "peace

." When discussing the decision with Gwyneth Paltrow, who has also announced that she will take a break from acting

Cameron stated he had "a calm in my soul because I was finally taking care of me."