Chrissy Metz weight loss – How did she lose 100 pounds under 5 months

American actress and singer Christine Michelle Metz, popularly known as Chrissy Metz, rose to fame mostly as a result of her acting prowess.

Nearly everyone is aware of Chrissy Metz's accomplishments and her incredible acting abilities, but few are aware of her struggle with weight loss.

Chrissy Metz is currently a role model for many people who are attempting to reduce weight

Haters and body shamers who formerly ridiculed her for being overweight now applaud her for her change.

To accomplish something like this in such a short amount of time needed extraordinary mental and physical fortitude.

Chrissy was overweight from birth and assumed that she would continue to put on weight.

She claimed that her mother never saved enough food for Chrissy and her siblings, never eating enough herself.

According to Chrissy, there have always been issues in the family. When she was just ten years old, her father abandoned the family.