Daily Quordle 169 hints for July 12: Spoiler-free clues to help with today's answer

If the challenging Quordle problem for today has you stumped, you've come to the correct place

For a list of spoiler-free hints for each word in Quordle 169 for July 12, continue reading.

It's challenging enough to complete just one daily Quordle puzzle, much mind establish a long winning streak

That's because this Wordle variant requires players to identify four words in just nine guesses, as opposed to Wordle's requirement of one word every six.

thanks to a variety of non-spoiler hints and clues for Quordle 169 on July 12.

Players are given nine tries in the game Quordle to figure out four different words. 

To succeed, you'll need to focus on the colour of the tiles, much like Wordle.

When you guess a word on Quordle, it will show up in each of the four response boxes, which is the twist.

One tactic is to include as many vowels as you can in your initial guess.

In your initial effort, try terms like ADIEU or AUDIO because these letters will appear in more words.