Dakota reportedly earned $250,000 for Fifty Shades of Grey, despite all the fanfare surrounding the first movie

. That's obviously a lot of money for, well, average folks, but for an A-list celebrity, it's a pittance.

For her part in Don't Look Up, Jennifer Lawrence received a salary of $25 million.

But Fifty Shades of Grey turned out to be a huge hit, and Dakota was able to secure a sizable raise as a result. 

Celebrity Net Worth claims she earned a seven-figure compensation (read: more than a million dollars) for the next two movies in the franchise

It makes sense given that Fifty Shades of Grey earned $570 million at the box office, according to Forbes

making Dakota one of the highest-earning performers of the year.

Dakota reportedly purchased her house for $3.55 million, so if all else fails, she can sell it and still be a millionaire

Dakota has a net worth of $14 million