Dionne Warwick Talks Meeting Dolly Parton for the First Time — And Why America Needs Inspirational Music Right Now

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Dionne Warwick describes her encounter with Dolly Parton as "well, it was more laughter than anything else." "Our meeting was great, wonderful. It seemed as though we had been friends for a long time.

Parton and Warwick individually recorded the vocals for the song, then got together to shoot the music video at Parton's studio outside of Nashville

Warwick is stylish and vivacious as she sits in a hotel room in the heart of Nashville for this interview; it's clear how thrilled she is to be working with Parton.

Warwick recalls the time spent filming the advertisement, which was shot under the direction of Elliott and Nick Pres, saying, 

We were there to take care of our business, but along with that, we found time to not only grin but openly laugh." Dolly is very, very grounded,

which happens to be something I value as well. As a result, it felt natural. It wasn't like we were actually working. That resembled more like a lunch meeting between two pals.

In a statement, Parton stated, "I was honoured to get to sing with one of my inspirations, Dionne Warwick.

I have loved her since we were younger and getting to sing with her was one of the highlights of my career. I loved that she loved my song, and I loved singing it with her.”