‘Disenchanted’ Cast and Character Guide Who’s Who in the Disney Sequel

Amy Adams returns as Giselle amongst franchise newcomers Maya Rudolph and Yvette Nicole Brown

Disney+'s highly anticipated "Disenchanted" is finally back with old favorites and new villains alike.

After spending over 10 years in New York City, Giselle and Robert move to the suburban Monroeville after having a baby

As Giselle realizes the town isn't as magical as she hoped, she casts a spell that unleashes magic into the real world and puts herself and Andalasia in danger.

Giselle, played by Amy Adams, is a princess from the fictional Andalasia who finds herself in the streets of New York. 

Giselle made the decision to stay in the real world with Robert and her stepdaughter Morgan after falling in love with him.

Following the birth of the child, the family relocates to a suburban area, and Giselle yearns for the magic of Andalasia.

Adams has also appeared in Arrival, American Hustle, Man of Steel, and Sharp Objects in addition to "Enchanted." She has received six Oscar nominations.