Doja Cat Asks Stranger Things' Noah Schnapp to Help Set Her Up with His Costar Joseph Quinn

Doja Cat asked in an Instagram DM that Noah Schnapp made public on TikTok

Doja Cat claims to have developed feelings for Joseph Quinn after watching Stranger Things season 4, 

however unlike most viewers, she was able to enlist Noah Schnapp as her sidekick

The British actress, 29, and the "Vegas" singer, 26, first became Instagram friends in May when the singer tweeted

joseph quinn fine as 17-year-old actor to help set her up with Quinn, who portrays newbie Eddie Munson in season 4." Quinn plays Eddie Munson in the fourth season.

Many fans are mocking Schnapp in the comments section for revealing Doja Cat's request and supporting her preference for Quinn.

"Should we blame her? NOOOPE," one user said, and "OMG NOAH HAS NO MERCY," added another.