Dolly Parton Debuts Doggy Parton, a New Line of Canine Apparel

The face of the collection is Parton's god-dog, Billy The Kid, who is a French bulldog owned by her manager

Doggy Parton, a line of dog apparel, accessories, toys, and more, is being introduced by the music legend 

and animal lover, 76, more than 60 years after the release of her debut album "Puppy Love

In a press statement introducing the company, Parton declared, "My love for pets is stronger than ever

This gave me the idea to launch my own line of Doggy Parton-themed clothing, accessories, toys, and more

The 20+ items in the collection, which SportPet Designs collaborated on, feature a lot of gingham clothing.

In a video posted by the singer on Instagram on Wednesday, Billy The Kid, Dolly's mascot and brand spokesperson, is shown sporting the latter.

To me, Dolly is a mother figure. She saw Billy and told me I couldn't give this puppy to her.


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