Dolly Parton Says She Will No Longer Tour

But according to a new interview Parton did with Pollstar, there is one thing she won’t be doing again

"I do not think I will ever tour again, but I do know I'll do special shows here and there," Parton told Pollstar.

Dolly Parton, who is 76 years old, continues to produce albums, books, movies, and television shows while also presenting the ACM Awards earlier this year. 

She will join artists like Duran Duran, Eminem, Carly Simon, and others in being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame on November 5.

Maybe perform a few gigs at a festival or over a long weekend.

But I don't have any plans to embark on a full-fledged tour any more," Parton told the publication.

Her 2016 Pure & Simple Tour, which had 60 performances in the United States and Canada, was Parton's most recent tour.

she says she is working on the rock album, and that she plans to re-record “Stairway to Heaven

I did it kind of bluegrass-style when I did it; but when I do the rock album, I’m going to actually re-record it – and do it more true to the regular record

Inquiring about Robert Plant's potential vocal participation. Perhaps Jimmy Page will do the pick-up portion for it.

Chris Stapleton is one of my all-time favourite individuals, according to Parton. "I've always wanted to collaborate with him."

He's kind of like me, even if he's not really considered rock 'n' roll: Almost everyone accepts him.


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