Dolly’s pet brand ‘Doggy Parton’ releases holiday collection

Dolly Parton fans can now order specialty festive gifts for their furry friends ahead of the holiday season.

Dolly announced the launch of the Doggy Parton holiday collection on Twitter on Wednesday. 

This statement came less than two weeks after Dolly made the vinyl release of her holiday album "Home for Christmas."

A few carefully chosen things are included in the Doggy Parton holiday collection, such as a bed with a multicoloured patchwork print, pet toys, 

a "small Christmas dress" for dogs, and a doggy sweater that reads "Happy Dollydays." Prices start at $9.99 and go up to $34.99.

Dolly's pet line debuted in late August, so it is still relatively new. Every purchase made at Doggy Parton helps Willa B Farms Animal Rescue.

The Old Hickory, Tennessee, nonprofit is committed to enhancing the lives of homeless, mistreated, neglected, and abandoned animals.

So many rescues struggle to make ends meet,” said Hannah Dennison, director of WIlla B Farms Animal Rescue.