Dua Lipa Review – Seven-Year-Old Lola Critiques Pop Star’s Sydney Show

Dua Lipa performed at Sydney’s Qudos Bank Arena on Wednesday, 9th November. 

Our seven-year-old music critic Lola Jenkins was there to review.

I was picked up by my father from after-school care. When we arrived home, I took a bath, ate dinner, and then we realised we were running late, 

We entered, got a few drinks, and then entered through our door. We then had to look around for our seat.

The dancers were on the ballet bar when she started the show with the song "Physical." Dua wore a blue jumpsuit-like outfit.

Then these wild guys came by on roller skates, and while they were skating, the girls swiftly changed and returned.

The boys then changed into some loose clothing and flashy belts. And Dua was donning a sparkling bathing suit.

My favourite portion of the performance came after she performed a few songs I wasn't familiar with, and it was "Be the One." Everyone was dancing and standing up.

I'm glad I watched Dua Lipa because my stepmother and brother had never been there before, but I went to Qudos Bank Arena for KISS instead, so I'm delighted about that.