Duran Duran stumbles, Dolly Parton rolls into Rock Hall

Lionel Richie soared. Pat Benatar roared. Duran Duran stumbled but stayed sophisticated. Eminem was Eminem.

The four performers celebrated on Saturday night in very different ways, but they can all now definitively claim to be Rock & Roll Hall of Famers. 

. The same goes for Dolly Parton, Carly Simon, Eurythmics, Harry Belafonte, Judas Priest

and Harry Belafonte, who enthusiastically accepted the distinction after initially declining it.

After a stunning address by a shaven-headed Robert Downey Jr., Duran Duran entered the stage and started into their 1981 breakthrough song "Girls on Film

Duran Duran was the first act inducted at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.

Although the music wasn't there for it, the yelling crowd was. With the exception of singer Simon Le Bon, whose vocals were basically a cappella, the band was all but unheard.

It was a fun if inauspicious beginning to a mostly slick and often triumphant show.

The band halted for a retake, and Le Bon, 64, exclaimed, "The glorious spontaneous world of rock 'n' roll!"

He began his concert with a sparse performance of his ballad "Hello," which appeared to almost cause him to collapse under the pressure of the situation.