Elsa Pataky Net Worth

Elsa Pataky's net worth is $50 million dollars

Elsa Pataky is a Spanish model, actor, and producer. 

. It should be mentioned that Elsa's shared assets with her husband of since 2010

actor Chris Hemsworth, account for the majority of her net worth.

Elsa Lafuente Medianu, also known as Elsa Pataky, is a Spanish model and actress

Al salir de clase, a Spanish television programme, gave Pataky her big break in 1997.

Interceptor, Pataky's most recent movie, has been a huge hit. In the first three days after the movie's debut

Elsa Pataky, who is now 45 and has a prolific filmography, recently gained acclaim for her major part in Interceptor (2022).

Their family home is reportedly worth $30 million, and another estimated $4.4 million mansion is reportedly in the planning pipeline, 1km from their current residence