Everything Kevin Costner Does To Stay In Amazing Shape

With rumors swirling about scheduling conflicts, Yellowstone fans are worried that Kevin Costner’s role as patriarch John Dutton might be ending

And, in turn, Yellowstone itself might be facing its final days. (Luckily, the Yellowstone universe seems to be ever-expanding.)

Deadline claims that Costner asked to shoot for just 50 days during the first half of the most recent season, and just one week during the second

It's true that we could be witnessing the end of John Dutton now that Kevin Costner has a new passion project under his belt—directing and starring in the western Horizon—

Fans of Yellowstone may be saddened by the news, but they need not worry if they are Costner fans. Both in his job and in leading a healthy lifestyle, the man is a master of longevity.

It's no secret that leaning in is one of the best "aging gracefully" techniques. After all, gravity has its way with everyone. 

On his 68th birthday Instagram post this year, Costner gave some wise counsel: "Don't believe what people say about getting older."