Gisele Bünchen moves on: Tom Brady's soon-to-be ex-wife retakes her modeling career

Gisele Bündchen made a big step moving on from Tom Brady.

Gisele Bündchen decided to continue her job as a model after the NFL star made the decision to continue his career as a quarterback.

Gisele Bündchen joined a project in Brazil and eventually became the brand's face.

Gise Bündchen is the face of the Vivara luxury jewellery line.

With Gisele serving as the primary promotional image, the Brazilian jewellery company Vivara is commemorating its 60th anniversary.

In 1962, Vivara opened its doors in the heart of Sao Paulo with the promise to craft jewellery with the same attention to detail as traditional goldsmiths.

One of the best historical models is Gisele Bündchen.

Gisele Bünchen net worth

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