‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Addison Returns & Two Of The Interns Have A Steamy Hookup

Addison comes back to Grey Sloan, while Nick discovers amazing news about Zola. Plus, many of the interns grow closer.

The October 20 episode of Grey’s Anatomy begins with Amelia FaceTiming Kai on her way to work. 

Amelia longs to travel to Minnesota and meet Kai there. They are not in Minnesota, Kai informs Amelia.

Amelia looks back and sees Kai in Seattle.

After recovering from her panic attack, Zola joins Meredith at work. While watching the operations, Zola wants to put her studies on hold.

She welcomes the new interns and gives them the assignment of creating sex education movies to aid in preventing teen pregnancy.

They'll collaborate with a different top surgeon: none other than Addison.