Hank Williams Jr.’s wife Mary Jane Thomas’ cause of death revealed

One day after having liposuction surgery, Hank Williams Jr.'s wife Mary Jane Thomas passed away due to a collapsed lung, according to authorities.

On March 22, the 58-year-old former model was discovered unconscious just one day after having fat removed from her back, arms, and stomach.

Hank Williams and Mary Jane Thomas were wed for almost 30 years.

Williams, a singer, was Thomas' 72-year-old wife of more than 30 years. 

The couple wed in 1990 after becoming acquainted in 1985 while attending one of Williams' performances in Washington state.

Williams-Dunning passed away in a Tennessee vehicle accident in 2020. The driver of the car, Tyler Dunning, suffered grave injuries but lived.

She was taken to the hospital and later declared dead.