Here's Whoopi Goldberg's Casting Wish List For Sister Act 3

Horns up, and let the pyrotechnics fly! It's getting close to "Sister Act 3"! That's right, 

Whoopi Goldberg will once again don the habit, fulfilling everyone's wildest movie fantasy.

The protagonist of "Sister Act" is a Reno nightclub singer who is placed in a San Francisco nunnery for witness protection. 

This ridiculous and seemingly cliché "fish out of water" plot device really makes for a surprisingly humorous and touching movie

Audiences seemed to agree, as "Sister Act" became one of the most popular comedies of the 1990s, inspiring both a sequel that was released a year later as well as a Broadway production.

It seems a new instalment of the "Sister Act" franchise is approaching after a few seeming false starts, after more than two decades.

The comedian named a few of the celebrities she intends to approach about joining "Sister Act 3."

The lengthy gap between "Sister Act 2" and the impending sequel may be interpreted by some as evidence of a blatant cash grab.