Here's Why The Cast Of "Yellowstone" Looks So Familiar Aside From Being On The Show

If you're not already familiar with the cast, I've rounded up all the TV shows and movies you may recognize the actors from

To start, Kevin Costner plays John Dutton.

You might know him best for his role as Mariner in Waterworld.

Or perhaps you remember him as Lieutenant Dunbar in Dances with Wolves.

Wes Bentley plays Jamie Dutton.

He's famous for playing Ricky Fitts in American Beauty.

You may have also recently seen him in American Horror Story.

Luke Grimes plays Kayce Dutton.

If you were a fan of the Fifty Shades of Grey series, you'll recognize him as Elliot Grey.

Cole Hauser plays Rip Wheeler.

Kelly Reilly plays Beth Dutton.