Internet calls Dolly Parton a 'national treasure' for sponsoring uniforms for Black high schools for years

Dolly Parton, a country music legend, is renowned for her charitable work and ability to assist others without drawing attention to herself.

Michael Harriot, a writer and journalist, recently revealed on Twitter that the 76-year-old artist has been covertly funding numerous outfits at Black high schools for years.

We got ours paid for by Dolly Parton, "On Thursday, October 6, Michael Harriot posted on a Twitter account.

Numerous individuals who benefited from Dolly's thoughtful act flooded social media with their testimonials.

I played in the East Tennessee high school marching band more than 30 years ago.

Mountains, a lot of poverty. Dolly Parton covered the cost. A national treasure, that woman "Someone tweeted.

Another Twitter user spoke about Dolly Parton's share of help in his life


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