Is ‘Yellowstone’ On Tonight? The Remaining Season 5 Episodes May Be In Jeopardy

Appointment television is once again most popular on Sunday nights. The last episode of the great HBO sitcom Barry, starring Bill Hader? Brilliant. 

Succession? The standard description of must-see television. The Yellowjackets on Showtime? Riveting

Fruit Cobbler Semi-Charmed Life, the gripping new crime drama on television? Fictional. But we're certain it would be wonderful if it were an actual series.

Jury Duty! and other fantastic new series abound, but many streamers are eagerly anticipating the return of Taylor Sheridan's Yellowstone. 

When can we expect new episodes, given the turmoil that has been going on behind the scenes over the past few months? Partner, we're here to assist.

Is Yellowstone Season 5, Episode 9 on Tonight (April 23)?

Nope. Yellowstone isn’t airing on Paramount Network tonight. Sadly, the series hasn’t even started filming the final six episodes of the fifth season.

The six remaining episodes have yet to begin filming; they were initially intended to air on Paramount Network in the summer of 2023.