Is Yellowstone season 5 new tonight on Paramount Network, 2/19?

On the Paramount Network tonight, is Yellowstone new? We don't believe it will come as a surprise to anyone that we'd like to hear more show news shortly

After all, the series as a whole is going through such an odd, unclear period right now

. Keep in mind that Kevin Costner's future is still up in the air, which has raised concerns about when season 5 will begin filming, never alone when it will premiere.

Now that we've covered everything, let's just get the bad news out of the way: Tonight's episode will not be a new one

All of the episodes that were shot have already been broadcast on the network.

So what is going on now behind the scenes? We believe that the main takeaway from this situation can be summed up in one word: negotiations

Let's be clear: The show's present format is something the show's creators obviously want to keep. Also, they want Costner to play a significant role in it.

They could begin filming around the time they had initially intended to in March if they can work out his schedule, which is at the heart of rumours concerning his future.


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