Is Yellowstone season 5 new tonight on Paramount Network, 2/5?

Is tonight's premiere of Yellowstone season 5 on Paramount Network? We prefer to believe that the reemergence of 1923 is the main cause for our scepticism

Why wouldn't they other shows now that one is back on the air? There is a clear argument for pairing the two again. However, that doesn't guarantee that will happen.

In fact, it's very obvious to us that the main Kevin Costner show won't be returning at all during the run of 1923

There isn't a new episode today, and we don't anticipate there will be any more in the winter or spring.

The series will return in the summer, at least according to the current plan. Although we are aware that this is a somewhat ambiguous time frame, we believe that late June or July make the most sense.

So why not keep playing both Yellowstone and its precursor simultaneously? The main issue is that 1923 cannot rely on it at this time

It debuted after a fresh episode of the flagship to enhance its ratings, but it can now stand alone

Another problem with this is that the remaining episodes of season 5 haven't yet been filmed.


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