Japan’s Wowow to Produce Live-Action Spinoff of Classic Anime Series ‘Yatterman’

Elaiza Ikeda, a well-known Japanese actress, 

will play the renowned female villain Doronjo in the episode, which will examine her beginnings.

An adaptation of the renowned anime series Yatterman for live-action television has received the approval of leading Japanese pay TV provider Wowow.

The new show, Doronjo, will explore the origin tale of the powerful female antagonist with the same name from the first Yatterman series

Doronjo, a popular cultural figure in Japan, might be compared to Harley Quinn or Catwoman in the realm of anime. 

From 1977 to 1979, Yatterman was initially broadcast on Saturday nights in Japan,

, the show was televised in Spain, Italy, Poland, and a number of other Asian nations, becoming a worldwide sensation.