Jennifer Aniston Says She Explored Every Option to Get Pregnant: 'It Was Really Hard'

While everyone was wondering if Jennifer Aniston was expecting a kid, she is now speaking out more than ever about her hidden challenges to conceive.

The 53-year-old actress discusses the "hard s**t" she went through in her 30s and 40s in a new cover story for Alluremagazine, confessing

I was trying to get pregnant. Making babies was a difficult journey for me.

She continues by saying that she was attempting every method of insemination while the rest of the world speculated.

All those speculative years and years and years... It was quite difficult. I was doing IVF and drinking anything and everything," she admits.

Now that she has moved on from trying to have a biological child of her own, Aniston says it's a relief. 

I feel no regrets at all, she asserts, adding that the absence of the question "Can I? Maybe.

She also discusses the rumours around her failed unions with Justin Theroux and Brad Pitt.