Jodie Sweetin Reflects on Best Wedding Memory and First 'Full House' Anniversary Without Bob Saget

When Jodie Sweetin visited Universal Studios on Tuesday to guest co-host Entertainment Tonight, she was a radiant newlywed.

In July, the 40-year-old actress and her longtime partner Mescal Wasilewski exchanged vows.

My best memory of that day is when I turned to walk down the aisle and saw my future husband waiting for me at the other end.

Kevin Frazier and Nischelle Turner of ET shared a room with Sweetin. "Oh my god, look at the flowers and the thing and the people," I exclaimed.

On her momentous day, Sweetin was accompanied by close friends and relatives.

I was extremely fortunate and privileged to have a lot of lovely folks jump in and provide a hand, making that day completely perfect.

The reason why she and Wasilewski work, Sweetin said, is because he wants none of the spotlight. 

Because he doesn't want any of that attention, he is the ideal fit. Babe, please attend that party, he begs.

Please don't make me pose for photos or walk the red carpet. I think, "Great, I want to finish it and put it behind me