Julie Chen Moonves Teases 'Next Level' Season 24 of 'Big Brother' and Craziest First Eviction Yet

greater and more expansive than before! Big Brother Season 24 is ready to begin, and host Julie Chen Moonves is thrilled to offer viewers a unique viewing experience.

In a recent interview with ET's Kevin Frazier, Julie discussed the upcoming season and shared her excitement for the upcoming three months of competition.

There are 16 completely new characters, which means there are new individuals to fall in love with, new showmances to see develop, 

new people to root against, and a new favourite villain, Julie teased with delight.

"Season 24 has just begun. Anything is possible! We had this historic season with The Cookout last summer after 23 seasons, so who knows?"

What, then, specifically makes this season more thrilling than any other? Our difficulties this season are on another level, claims Julie.

"On the night of the premiere, you'll see that. People will begin playing brand-new challenges as soon as they leave the house for the 90-minute debut, she said

Then we'll show you a chaotic first live eviction show," the host said.