Kelly Clarkson’s Net Worth

hosting her own television show that people can’t get enough of, collecting money from her many hit singles

Kelly's The Voice compensation is $560,000 per episode, or roughly $14 million per season, 

according to Celebrity Net Worth. But how much money has she made overall from the reality show

Not including this last year, that would be about $53 million. I’m. Speechless

after Us Weekly just revealed that her combined monthly compensation for both The Voice and The Kelly Clarkson Show is $1.9 million.

P.S. Kelly's career tour earnings to date amount slightly under $60.5 million.

She also listed another home in Encino for almost $9 million. So, yeah…if her mansions sell, she could be looking at a $16 million payday.

Here's the fundamentals: The Blast reports that Kelly and Brandon did sign a prenup just five days before getting married

Kelly will still be required to pay her ex "a one-time payment of slightly over $1.3 million

, as well as a monthly child support payment of $45,601," according to a People story. 

But there's more! She *also* has to pay additional spousal support each month.

. TL;DR: Kelly is paying her ex-boyfriend about $115,000 every month, but only until January 31, 2024.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Kelly Clarkson is sitting on a very casual and well-deserved $45 million