Kelly Reilly Has No Idea What’s Coming Next on ‘Yellowstone’

"Beth sees everyone as an enemy until they've proven themselves," Kelly Reilly tells IndieWire about her fan-favorite character.

Kelly Reilly may be the fan favorite of the popular Paramount Network drama “Yellowstone,

 but even she can’t tell you what’s happening when the show returns this summer for the second half of its fifth season

Not because she doesn’t want to, but because like much of the cast she doesn’t know herself.

The effort is paying off, with "Yellowstone" currently ranking among the most watched television shows. 

I appreciate Reilly's nuanced antihero. This season introduced us to a Beth who, despite her problems, was at least striving to develop some humanity and perhaps even friends?

Reilly Kelly I'm not sure if all of the scripts were available when we started. 

Taylor often has the majority of them written before we begin so we can see everything from a bird's eye perspective and know exactly what we're doing.


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