Kelly Reilly Opens Up About "the Biggest Enemy" on Yellowstone

don't make me go Beth Dutton on you. In the vast world of Yellowstone merchandise

you can find this particular phrase emblazoned on t-shirts and hoodies, plastered on insulated cups, and etched into wine glasses

Beth's takedowns are more of a conundrum for Kelly Reilly, who portrays the lone Dutton daughter, than an adrenaline rush.

I don't go 'Oh yes, great,' I go, 'God, how am I gonna do this in a way that doesn't repeat?'" Reilly tells T&C, in her lilting British accent

"She lives off conflict," Reilly says of her character. "She has to feed off it. She gets energy from it."

The past never stays buried for long, though, not with Beth, who Reilly describes as "haunted."

Haunted by herself, haunted by her own actions, inactions maybe," Reilly says

I believe she has always been loyal to Rip "Reilly elucidates. "In fact, I believe Beth has an outdated quality that makes getting married to him so crucial.


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