Kelly Reilly Was A Big Fan Of American Dramas Before Yellowstone

Few individuals on set were aware that Kelly Reilly is a native of the United Kingdom and speaks with a thick accent for the first two years of filming Paramount Network's "Yellowstone." 

The actress discussed her worry that if they learned, it would destroy the idea of her hard-charging Beth Dutton character in an interview with Entertainment Tonight

She didn't talk to anyone while the cameras weren't rolling to avoid this.

Reilly eventually disclosed her identity while Season 3 was being developed, so her worries were unfounded

Nobody seemed to mind that she doesn't have the same strong American roots as her on-screen image, particularly "Yellowstone" actor Cole Hauser, who plays Beth's love interest Rip Wheeler.

I couldn't ask for a better partner because every now and again, whether you're an actor or an actress, 

you get to truly let the walls down and have that freedom to play, I think," he said in another interview with Entertainment Tonight

I really hope we get to keep doing this for a very long time because she has been such a blessing.

Reilly is no new to the business with an amazing 55 credits on IMDB, including 2009's "Sherlock Holmes

She hasn't performed anything like Beth's role or the Western drama as a whole before, though. Reilly called Beth a "beast" and lauded the work of the show's creator Taylor Sheridan.

In a "Yellowstone" cast interview, Kelly Reilly shared details on her early years in the entertainment industry. 

At first, she didn't have her sights set on television or film. Rather, her initial love was theater, which was her career for 15 years


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