Kenan Thompson Net Worth

American actor, voice actor, and comedian Kenan Thompson is worth $13 million.

In Atlanta, Georgia, on May 10, 1978, Kenan Thomspon was born.

Kenan began working as a professional actor while he was very young.

Kenan Thompson wed Christina Evangeline, a model, in 2011. They brought their first kid into the world in 2014.

Each season has 21 episodes. The average salary for first-year cast members is $7,000 each episode, or $147,000 per season

The average salary for second-year cast members is $8,000 each episode, or $168,000 per season

A cast member earns $15,000 every episode if they make it to their fifth season. That works out to $315,000 a season.

These seasoned comedians get $25,000 per episode, or $525,000 annually.

We estimate that Thompson makes $2–3 million annually from SNL. 

To put this in perspective, in 2001, when he was at the height of his career, Will Ferrell made a record-breaking $370,000 at SNL.