Kevin Costner Insisted On Harrison Ford's Casting In Air Force One

In "Air Force One," Harrison Ford famously pushes a Russian terrorist out of a moving jet, growling the action movie one-liner, "Get off my plane

However, if Hollywood history had gone a different way, it might not have been Ford's plane at all.

Armed Forces "By becoming "'Die Hard' on the President's plane," it distinguished itself from the competition. 

Ford played President James Marshall, a Vietnam War veteran who publicly swears not to engage with terrorists only to discover that his own private plane, Air Force One, has been hijacked.

Ford wasn't the first choice to play President Marshall, though. In the summer of 1997, just prior to the movie's release

One of the many action movies in the 1990s that use a "Die Hard" character was Air Force One "a situation in which one man defeats a number of terrorists in one place

While it's difficult to envision anyone other than Harrison Ford playing a legend like Indiana Jones, "Air Force Onestory "'s and characters have a more formulaic feel to them.