Lainey Wilson dishes on her 'Yellowstone' acting debut, sizzling romance: 'Wild and crazy love'

As a high school student in Baskin, Louisiana (population 211), Lainey Wilson's first paid showbiz gig involved performing as TV's Hannah Montana on a flatbed trailer stage.

years later, she had performing her song "Watermelon Moonshine" for a scene in Paramount's "Yellowstone" 

I'm back singing on this flatbed stage, but this time I'm not wearing my Hannah Montana wig. 

Then I realised that this is a turning point in my life, adds Wilson. And I'm singing a song called "Watermelon Moonshine," which is about a youthful, crazy love.

who, in the Season 5 premiere of "Yellowstone," made her acting debut as the free-spirited musician Abby last month.

Wilson's lack of expertise for her first movie kiss was made up for by

She made up for it with the same tenacity and zeal that propelled 2022's breakout star in country music.

Wilson sends major praise to "Yellowstone" creator and executive producer Taylor Sheridan,