Luckiest Girl Alive review: Mila Kunis impresses in bleak, brutal mystery with half-baked message

cast - Mila Kunis,Chiara Aurelia,Finn Wittrock,Connie Britton,Scoot Mcnairy,Jennifer Beals,Justine Lupe,Thomas Barbusca

director - Mike Barker

LANGUAGE - English With Hindi Audio Option

There’s trauma and there’s trauma porn. Luckiest Girl Alive straddles the two as it goes about setting up a dark thriller plot

Kunis’ Ani FaNelli is a New Yorker with “the edge”, flawlessness embodied

However, the tale is intriguing since it gives Ani room to manoeuvre. One of Mila Kunis' most powerful roles would be in this.

A movie in this genre should have a clear storyline that builds suspense and emphasises the story's deeper meaning.

if only because the transfer from book to screen loses some of the crucial sensitivity.