Lynne Spears: Britney's Mom Breaks Silence Following Wedding Snub

On Thursday, Britney Spears and Sam Asghari got married after nearly six years of dating

It's been a wild several years for the pop symbol, and fans are confident that the wedding will check the start of Britney's "joyfully ever later" years.

Obviously, while the most horrendously awful assuming it very well may be behind her, Britney's fight with her family is probably not going to reach a conclusion at any point in the near future.

As you're likely mindful, Britney was liberated from her conservatorship keep going year following a long, untidy court fight against her own dad.

But it loooks as though the singer's mother, Lynne Spears, is handling the snub with grace and dignity ... and a little desperation.

You look brilliant thus blissful! Your wedding is the 'Fantasy' wedding! Furthermore, having it at your home works everything out such that wistful and extraordinary

 Lynne commented on Britney's Instagram over the weekend.

Speaking of uninvited guests, Lynne wasn't the only one who tried to forcibly involve herself in Brit's big day.