Major Theme Park May Close Sooner Than Expected

A significant Cedar Fair theme park might close far sooner than when its long-term lease expires.

The Louisiana Six Flags theme park never reopened and is going to be demolished. 

Theme parks rarely close permanently unless a catastrophic calamity strikes.

Theme parks have been known to close, reopen in a different city and county from where they were previously located, and then entirely reinvent themselves

In Redwood City, California, the animal park Marine World/Africa USA debuted before Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, California.

When Marine World reopened in Vallejo in 1986 after closing in Redwood City in 1985, the non-profit Marine World Foundation had already defaulted on its loan to the City of Vallejo.

In 2007, the park underwent a name change to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom after experiencing a rollercoaster of ownership.

In the near future, Cedar Fair (FUN) - Get Cedar Fair L.P. Report, the company that operates California's Great America in Santa Clara, Calif., 

will close a second theme park in the San Francisco Bay Area.

As part of the deal, a lease agreement is included that enables Cedar Fair to run Great America for up to 11 years before closing the park operations as late as 2033.

According to a story spread by Screamscape, which it claims was incorporated with other true material

a ride currently found at California's Great America was first created by Marriott Corp. in 1976.

The theme park in Illinois was sold to Six Flags in 1985, and Marriott's Great America in California was sold to the City of Santa Clara in the middle of the 1980s.


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