Making The Jump To TV For Yellowstone Was An Uncomfortable Experience For Kevin Costner

In 2018, when John Dutton III from "Yellowstone," a character played by Kevin Costner, first spoke to viewers, he said that the aim of ranching is to "survive another season

That's also the aim of the majority of TV programs, and "Yellowstone" has succeeded in achieving that for the past five seasons

Similar to how Dutton and his family control the majority of Montana (or at least the largest contiguous ranch in the United States), 

, becoming the most-watched program of 2022 and giving rise to the equally well-liked Paramount+ streaming spin-offs "1883" and "1923."

Although Costner was and is a movie star, "Yellowstone" needed him to adapt to a different style of acting due to the show's status as an ongoing TV series

The limited scope of the History channel miniseries "Hatfields & McCoys," in which he had previously appeared

," in which he had previously appeared, ensured that Costner was always aware of the history and general arc of his role.

Given that "Yellowstone" spans numerous seasons and that Dutton is still very much a work-in-progress, even the writer(s) may not fully understand him or where his journey is going

When discussing his dissatisfaction with this component of the creative process with IndieWire in 2019, Costner said

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