Marilyn Monroe Net Worth

At the time of her passing in 1962, Marilyn Monroe, an American actress, model, and singer, had a net worth of $800,000

In today's money, after accounting for inflation, that is equivalent to around $7 million. 

Marilyn made slightly less than $3 million in film salaries over her career, which is equivalent to almost $24 million before taxes when inflation is taken into account.

According to Marilyn's will, which was recorded in Los Angeles County after her death, her total net worth was reduced to about $370,000.

$10,000 was granted to Norma Jeane Mortenson's longtime personal assistant and her half-sister in accordance with the stipulations of her bequest.

Additionally, $5,000 will be saved in a trust fund for her assistant's child's education. A $100,000 trust fund was created in the will for her mother.

She had to borrow money from her former husband Joe DiMaggio for the down payment when she purchased the property in January 1962 for $77,500.

The house had an after-death appraisal of $90,000. Over the ensuing decades, the house was owned by half a dozen different people. 

It was sold for $7.25 million in 1994 after going for $995,000. in 2017