Nicki Minaj Addresses ‘Super Freaky Girl’ Grammys Switch From Rap to Pop Category

Nicki Minaj blasts The Recording Academy for "moving the goal posts."

Nicki Minaj has called out The Recording Academy for switching her hit “Super Freaky Girl”

out of the Grammy Awards' rap category and into pop, a move she considers to be contradictory and indicative of a larger effort to favour emerging rap musicians over established ones.

Despite "Super Freaky Girl" spending its ninth week at the top of the Billboard Hot Rap Songs chart, The Hollywood Reporter announced the Grammys change-up.

The Trinidadian celebrity commented on the circumstance in a number of tweets before delving even farther in a 17-minute rage shared on social media.

We learned today that Super Freaky Girl's Grammy entry was taken out of the rap category.

Right, the Grammys took Super Freaky Girl, a song on which I exclusively rapped, out of the rap categories.