Nicki Minaj Has Anxiety Issues Since She Became A Mother

Motherhood has brought anxiety issues for Nicki Minaj. The rapper recently got candid about her experience with motherhood.

Minaj, 39, expressed that she’s had “more anxiety” since becoming a mom, reports ‘People’ magazine.

the rapper "Super Freaky Girl" discussed her anxieties since giving birth to her first child, a son she calls "Papa Bear," on September 30, 2020.

Minaj said her 2-year-old, to whom she is highly devoted, makes her feel like her "heart is being ripped out" whenever she is apart.

Her son, who she has with her husband Kenneth "Zoo" Petty, has never had a nanny, claims Minaj.

I'm a woman from Trinidad. We're not really used to strangers and nannies caring for the babies in our culture, she remarked.

There are a tonne of celebs that do it, and they're raising beautiful kids, so I have to get the idea that it's abnormal out of my head.