Phillies fans tried it all, not even Kate Upton chants could faze Justin Verlander

Despite a difficult start to the game thanks to Kyle Schwarber's home run, Houston Astros starting pitcher Justin Verlander managed to leave the game with a 2-1 lead

which ultimately got him his first World Series won game on his record

On Thursday, Verlander put to rest at least some of the ghosts that had been hunting him in his last eight World Series games as a starting pitcher, having gotten zero wins out of them.

"I can say I got one," Verlander mentioned postgame.

The veteran Astros pitcher is the running favorite to take this year's American League Cy Young Award 

During Game 5 of the World Series, Philadelphia Phillies supporters did everything they could to make Justin Verlander lose concentration.

even going so far as to yell "Where's Kate Upton," in reference to Verlander's supermodel wife, who was there at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia with their kid.

Later this month, the couple will mark their fifth wedding anniversary, and Verlander would undoubtedly like to do so as a World Series champion.

This Saturday, Game 6 of the World Series will be played in Houston. 

The Astros will try to win the championship in front of their home fans since they only need one more victory in the two remaining games to claim the Commissioner's Trophy.

Houston Astros are one win away from the World Series title

Verlander then mentioned that it was one of the best feelings of his career.


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